SlimSpa offers to all the ladies that live in Dubai the stunning possibility to look thinner by utilizing the advanced Cavitation aand lpg endermologie noninvasive beauty apparatus

April 14th, 2017 - SlimSpa, a unique and fantastic spa that is dedicated exclusively to help all the ladies that reside or travel to Dubai to have a perfect silhouette, offers a fantastic array of specialized services by applying ground-breaking and non-invasive fat removal techniques and the advanced apparatus among which are re the renowned Cavitation model.

Looking gorgeously is not any more a caprice but rather a necessity for all the ladies for the simple motive that in our developed times is much easier to have a brilliant appearance without being forced to spend tiring and existing times in the gyms or follow drastic diets. Understanding precisely how important is the ideal appearance for the women who reside in Dubai, several skilled and also extremely proficient experts joint their forces and built a special practice that is solely designed to help the ladies to achieve the desired shape in the most relaxing and pleasing possible ways. The practice can be found under the name SlimSpa and for over 16 years every single woman who wants to be treated like a queen with the up-to-date technology such as fat freezing dubai for example, needs to get in touch with these pros. Additionally, being fully aware of the fact that the ladies in these days have really busy schedules, these amazing health and beauty specialists, can create customized plans for better and quicker losing weight both, for the entire body and for the most troublesome parts. All of their clientele already know that here, the well-prepared and accordingly trained therapists will utilize a stunning variety of medical devices that are known for proven excellent results in efficiently penetrating the fatty tissue and forcing it to literally “melt” without provoking any kind of discomfort or pain. Therefore, at SlimSpa, one will not only have the chance to benefit from the amazing fat reduction treatment with the famous velashape dubai wellness appliance, but also to choose from other branded product such as Infrared Slimming Tunnel, Venus B.E.A.M, Eporex Mesotherapy, Cooltech and many other ones.

Now, there is no need to endure painful aesthetic procedures or spend precious time in the sports hall, with the astonishing help provided by the SlimSpa experts well-regarded for their velashape 3 dubai brilliant solutions, everyone can look gorgeously and achieve the dreamed ideal shape without a gram of fat. Obviously, being a one stop practice here can be found second to none advanced machinery including lpg endermologie and also brilliant services that guarantee impressive slimming results.

SlimSpa is a highly-regarded spa salon located the Al Attar Tower in Dubai that specializes in providing
non-invasive fat removal techniques that have unbelievable results in a surprisingly short span of time.

Company: SlimSpa
Address: 206 Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Tel :+971 4 321 3485
+971 4 343 7987